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Digital Innovation for Business


Digital Innovation for Business

This Executive Program allows in a short time (14 weeks) to qualify professionals and managers for organizations seeking competitive advantage or to develop new business models based on the evolution of their current Digital Core management systems and also to start implementing emerging technologies ("cloud & quantum computing", "big data", "machine learning", "blockchain", internet of things, etc.).

NOVA IMS, a leader in Information Management and Information Systems Management education programs, developed together with Accenture and SAP a program with methodological and practical tools to plan, develop and manage projects that generate effective Value and Performance for the organizations with which the students of this Executive Program are involved. This program is also supported by GUSP (SAP User Group in Portugal).

During the program the students will be exposed to numerous practical cases and a global project, with a senior faculty that integrates professionals and academics from the three entities.

Partner Entitys

  • Accenture22
  • Sap
  • GUSP

At the end of this Executive Program, the Student:

  • Will be part of an exclusive group of professionals and managers who know how to lead digital innovation projects for the development of the business;
  • Will have a holistic vision for business innovation projects that involves the management of competencies and leadership, the management and reengineering of processes, which complement the technology;
  • Will know how to manage a project with state of the art methodologies, including design thinking, used by one of the leading global consultancies;
  • Gets to know the latest technology solutions ranging from new business applications in cloud computing to exponential technologies with "big date", "blockchain", "internet of things", "machine learning", implemented by leading consultancies and suppliers such as accenture and SAP;
  • Will have been involved in a digital innovation project, in simulation, with a reference consultancy and will take several examples of case studies as deliverables;
  • Will be one of the professionals currently with the greatest demand from big and medium companies that want to be leaders in their sector.

Curricular Units:

  • Digital Innovation Management;
  • Process Management in Digital Innovation;
  • Reimagining your Organization I;
  • Delivering Digital Innovation Projects – Capstone I;
  • Adoption Models;
  • Leading for Digital Innovation;
  • Reimagining your Organization II;
  • Designing Digital Innovation – Capstone I.

The available seats is very limited, giving preference to candidates from client organizations of Accenture and SAP.

Who is it for?

This program is aimed at:

  • Managers of businesses or departments involved in digital transformation and innovation projects;
  • Potential or current project managers, involved in projects of transformation in the organization or evolution of technological infrastructure, processes and skills;
  • Professionals, advisors and consultants who may be involved in digital transformation and innovation projects;
  • Information Systems and technologies professionals who are, or aspire to, participate in processes of digital evolution in their organizations.

Study Plan

1st Trimester

Course Units Teacher(s) Coordination ECTS
Digital Innovation Management Jorge Carrola Rodrigues NOVA IMS 4
Process Management in Digital Innovation Frederico Cruz Jesus NOVA IMS 4
Reimagining your Organization I Pedro Ruivo SAP 4
Designing Digital Innovation – Capstone I Aurélia Sousa e Paula Fernandes Accenture 4

2nd Trimester

Course Units Teacher(s) Coordination ECTS
Adoption Models Tiago Oliveira NOVA IMS 4
Leading for Digital Innovation Teresa Lacerda NOVA IMS 4
Reimagining your Organization II Pedro Ruivo SAP 4
Delivering Digital Innovation Projects – Capstone II Aurélia Sousa e Paula Fernandes Accenture 4

Curricular Units

  • 1st  Trimester

    Digital Innovation Management

    This module starts by setting up which are the different digital maturity stages a company starts with and which transformation drivers should take into consideration to evolve its business in order to grow profitably in its next decade, through the usage of digital innovation.
    A transformation management methodology is part of this module, to be worked with in proven real cases, and the example of a global transformation proposal for a multinational company that has a customer base in an fast-pace evolving industry.

    Process Management in Digital Innovation

    Business processes actively affect virtually every aspect of organizations, from products and services, to perceived value, trust, employees’ tasks, and responsibilities, among others. In the era where technology brings disruptive innovation and changes to the way organizations conducts its businesses, investing in process management capabilities is as important and goes hand on hand with the organization and people competences, building together with technologies the fundamental ingredients of digital transformation.

    Reimagining your Organization I

    Learn how to build a “digital core” system for a real-time enterprise, where systems and processes are consolidated, and at the same time extend the core to reimagine the engagement with Customers, suppliers, vendors and employees.
    This module presents several cases with real customer examples from SAP, where “in-memory computing” and a range of innovative enterprise systems in hybrid and cloud deployments, allow to implement new business models and evolve business, profitability and “customer centricity” to world-class levels.

    Designing Digital Innovation – Capstone I

    This capstone allows to encapsulate all the subjects included in this educational program with a practical application, and to build an understanding and skills around the topic of “Design Thinking”. Accenture will guide the project teams through the usage of design thinking, developing a deeper understanding of design thinking concepts, tools and methods to help solve complex and challenging business problems.

  • 2nd  Trimester

    Adoption Models

    This module introduces the adoption models, both at individual level and firm level, which enable an organization to successfully accept and adopt new technologies and new ways to serve its customers. The adoption is critical to the success of any digital innovation project since digital can disrupt supply, demand or even business structures.

    Leading for Digital Innovation

    Digital leadership is the new paradigm in business leadership, and digital innovation is rapidly changing our competitive landscape, where business leaders should learn how to transform their organizations to adapt to this new reality. This module addresses the importance of digital leadership in business today, focusing on those leadership skills that help business leaders to drive the digital agenda across the entire organization. Part of the classes are run in a learn & practice environment, where the participants learn, discuss and apply what is needed to succeed in a digital world.

    Reimagining Your Organization II

    In this second module, we evolve from the “digital core” on how to build a digital innovation system through advanced technologies (also called “exponential technologies”) to reimagine business processes, improve existing applications, and create solutions for new business models. This module presents several cases with real customer examples from SAP, where the usage of exponential technologies such as “machine learning”, “blockchain”, “internet of things”, “big data”, “data intelligence” for “Data as a Service” and “predictive analytics” are allowing world-class organizations to have exceeded competitive advantage in their markets.

    Delivering Digital Innovation Projects – Capstone II

    The second part of the capstone intends to have a follow-up with using the tools and methods to build a business transformation and innovation project. Optionally the participants will be given the opportunity to learn and use also simple prototyping tools. In the end the teams will have to present and defend their projects to a Customer board.

Teaching Staff

Aurélia Sousa

Managing Director, Accenture Technology, Portugal SAP

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Aurélia Sousa is Managing Director, Accenture Technology, Portugal SAP Platform Lead. Aurélia graduated from Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (ISCTE) with a degree in Business Administration, in 1998. Since then Aurélia works for Accenture and nevertheless she started in Talent & Organization Management Consulting and developed her career mainly related with Technology and SAP implementations. Her track record is filled with international experiences, supporting clients from all industries. She was in the genesis of the Lisbon Delivery Center creation, contributing to the development of SAP capabilities and for global recognition as NEW SAP development center.

Currently she is responsible for the SAP Platform group leadership at Accenture Portugal and on top she cumulates other responsibilities as managing large contracts, leading the Center of Excellence for SaaS HCM and the Center of Excellence for SAP Cloud Platform/SAP Leonardo in Portugal. She is also part of the global Accenture SAP leadership team, with a strategic focus to support innovation topics development.

On a personal level she is a very positive person who always strives to keep a balance between her mind, body, soul and heart. She is happily married with Rui, has 2 cats and a very big family she loves to spend time with. Her life quotes are “Always do to others what you would like them to do to you” and “Do more of what makes you happy. Most of the time those things are very simple and easy to achieve”.

Frederico Cruz Jesus

Coordinator of the Degree in Information Management

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Jorge Carrola Rodrigues

Program Coordinator

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Paula Francisca Fernandes

Senior Manager at Accenture Technology

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Paula Francisca Fernandes is a Senior Manager at Accenture Technology. She has an international career of over 17 years as a consultant serving clients in various industries. Currently, she is responsible for the Design Thinking area in the Technology area, where she supports clients in the search and implementation of disruptive and innovative solutions, guided by human-centered designed principles and prototyping approach.

She collaborates with several Accenture Liquid Studios in Europe in the areas of ideation, prototyping, and implementation of SAP Leonardo. She is a certified trainer in Design Thinking and an expert in its methods and tools. She has a degree in Economics from Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG).

Pedro Ruivo

Account Executive for Digital Transformation at SAP

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Teresa Lacerda

Account Executive for Digital Transformation at SAP

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Tiago Oliveira

Associate Dean for Research and Doctoral Studies

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General Information

The Admissions' Jury Panel of NOVA IMS is looking for excellent students who have the potential to become good technical staff and excellent managers. Qualities such as maturity, determination and motivation, both in the academic path as well in a professional career, are some of the attributes that the Jury Panel is looking for.

Location, Dates and Timetable

The program will be held at Campus de Campolide of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the program will take place between mid-February and June 2020. Running after working hours (from 6:30 p.m. to 10:15 p.m.), 2 times a week. 

Entry Requirements

To enter this program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree in a compatible field (completed by September 2019);
  • Familiarity with the English language, spoken and written.

The primary working language of this course is English. However, if all students have Portuguese as their mother tongue, there may be classes spoken in this language.

The available seats are very limited, giving preference to applicants from client organizations of Accenture and SAP.

How to Apply and Selection Process

To complete the application, the applicant must register in NOVA IMS' Applications Portal, until January 24th, 2020, fill the form, upload their Curriculum Vitae (there is no application fee).

The selection process is based on the analysis of academic and professional curriculum. The members of the Admissions's Jury Panel may decide to hold an interview with all or some candidates - face-to-face or videoconference.

Duarte Filipe
Maintenance Engineer | The Navigator Company
Rui Henriques
Project Manager | B2B Nutrimais (Trivalor Group)
Tânia Baptista
Human Resources Consultant
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