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Segmenting Large Client Data Bases

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Segmenting Large Client Data Bases

Descriptive models make up a base of any analytical toolbox. It is through these that a business can really be understood and its organisation optimized. The capacity to summarize complex and multidimensional situations, which can easily be used by analysts and decision makers make up one its main advantages.

One of the most important and common tasks in analytical marketing is segmenting. The ability to understand different client profiles in an organisation, from different perspectives is interesting. The capacity to manage clients according to their profile and importance for the organisation is based in segmenting. It is segmenting which allows us to understand what each client is looking for as well as their importance in the company’s results.

The quality of segmenting will condition the return obtained with the management of the client relationship. Thus, it is critical that an organisation is able to produce adequate segmenting for its objectives and that they are technically correct.

Who is it for?

Analysts, managers and high level managers who wish to understand and deepen their knowledge of segmenting models of large data bases and the opportunities for value creation in business.

Hours and ECTS

The course lasts 2 days, with a total of 14h. Course frequency corresponds to 2 ECTS.

Selecion Criteria

The selection of candidates will be based on their cv, taking into account academic training as well as professional experience.


The course will take place at NOVA IMS facilities.