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The Erasmus+ Program's aims at contributing to the development of the European Union as a knowledge-based society, characterized by sustainable economic growth, with more and better jobs as well as greater social cohesion, acting in parallel for an adequate protection of the environment, considering future generations.

The application phases for the Erasmus+ and Swiss European Mobility Programs are now open.

  • Outgoing: Erasmus+ Studies and Swiss European Mobility Program until April 7th, 2024;
  • Outgoing: Erasmus+ Traineeships until May 31st, 2024.
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Erasmus Incoming

Since 2009 NOVA Information Management School has received more than 500 students from more than 60 partner universities.

Come and be part of this community!

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Erasmus Outgoing

Erasmus+ Programme main objective is to contribute to the development of the European Union as a knowledge-based society, with sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and with greater social cohesion, operating in parallel to an appropriate environmental protection, considering the future generations.

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Erasmus Staff

Erasmus + program allows the Teaching and Administrative Staff to carry out training activities between higher education institutions, companies, or other organizations, to acquire knowledge, and exchange experiences and good practices, in one of the eligible countries of the program.

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Afonso Pereira
Poland | Nicolaus Copernicus University
Carlota Franco
Lithuania | Vilnius University
Carolina Maximiano
Germany | Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden
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Studying in Poland was a unique academic and cultural experience. The university is committed to dynamic and collaborative teaching, which led me to meet people from all over Europe. I traveled around the country and its surroundings, and made friendships that last to this day. I recommend the Erasmus program to all students!
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Lithuania captivates through the contrast with what is familiar to us, from landscapes, customs, gastronomy, to language. Vilnius University offers a wide range of disciplines and has allowed me to shape my knowledge according to my future ambitions. In Vilnius, entertainment is abundant – local festivals and markets are the trademark of this city, as well as traditions that, although initially may seem unusual, immerse us in the culture of the country.
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In Dresden I had a unique and challenging experience. A city rich in culture and with a balance between city life and nature. At HTW I gained a practical view of business and the basics of German. Undoubtedly a place to remember for the good times!