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Presentation Paulo Leitão Book

16 Nov, 2023
Nova IMS

Artificial Intelligence as a support for Talent Acquisition: An introduction

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A highly competitive and volatile labor market results in an increased importance of acquiring high-potential human capital, which ensures sustainable organizational success.

Advances in computational and organizational sciences allow Artificial Intelligence to overcome typical barriers in recruitment and selection processes, helping organizations identify candidates who demonstrate the attitudes and skills necessary to respond to their current and future strategic needs.

But what tools and solutions are there? How can managers incorporate these technologies into their processes? And, what impact will these tools have on candidates’ perceptions?

In an attempt to address these and other questions, the present work was developed and discussed on November 16th at NOVA IMS.



Event Wrap Up

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The event took place at NOVA IMS, in Campolide Campus.

Metro: S. Sebastião (Blue and Red Line); Praça de Espanha (Blue Line)
Carris: 701, 713, 716, 726, 742, 746, 756, 758, 770