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2023 July in review

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Newsletter N.º 11, July 2023

Hi! Please check the July's agenda in review!

International Award for Oeste Smart Region Project image

International Award for Oeste Smart Region Project

NOVA IMS’s Smart Region Project, implemented in the Oeste Intermunicipal Community, received a prestigious international award from Esri, the leading GIS software and mapping solutions company. According to Miguel de Castro Neto, the Smart Region Project was born from the experience acquired by NOVA Cidade - Urban Analytics Lab in building smart and sustainable cities.

The project developed a digital twin model capable of successfully addressing territorial and community challenges, demonstrating the potential of digital transformation, data science and artificial intelligence in supporting data-driven public policies. The Oeste Smart Region, was integrated across 12 municipalities, offers advanced analytical capabilities for data-driven governance. The recognition at the Esri User Conference in San Diego highlighted NOVA IMS' commitment to innovation and sustainable development in enhancing regional quality of life. It is worth noting that the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) award was contested among more than 100,000 candidates!

Partnership creates new course for Healthcare Leaders image

Partnership creates new course for Healthcare Leaders

A partnership has been formed between NOVA IMS and Residências Montepio, a health company of the Montepio Group, to introduce a new training course called "Management, Innovation, and Leadership in Health Units" The course targets top managers of health units and aims to address educational gaps, develop relevant skills, and meet the demands of the healthcare labor market.

By combining knowledge in information management with healthcare delivery, NOVA IMS seeks to strengthen the connection between academia and the business world. The program was developed in collaboration with experts and professionals from the sector and this partnership emphasizes the importance of aligning academic offerings with the job market's needs, fostering knowledge exchange between the university and organizations, in addition to improving health and well-being.

NOVA IMS and Clever celebrate Strategic Partnership image

NOVA IMS and Clever celebrate Strategic Partnership

On July 11th, NOVA IMS and Clever Hospitality Analytics joined in a strategic partnership to offer Clever clients an exclusive discount on the Business Intelligence and Analytics for Hospitality & Tourism postgraduate program, available at NOVA IMS.

The program combines areas of tourism with data analysis, training professionals with knowledge in descriptive and predictive modeling. The partnership aims to boost the use of data analytics in the hospitality industry, also integrating Clever's system into the course, with the aim of improving the strategic decision-making process in the tourism sector.

R Open Class - The power of R programming language image

R Open Class - The power of R programming language

On July 20th, an R Open Class took place, organized by the NOVA IMS Alumni Association. This educational event was designed with the goal of providing attendees practical knowledge and valuable insights into the R programming language.

Guided by Professor Ivo Bernando, President of the Alumni Association and Partner at Dare Data and Engineering, this class explored various essential topics as data reading and exploration, data visualization using GGPLOT2 and training Machine Learning models using R.

"Paper for Food" campaign by Banco Alimentar image

"Paper for Food" campaign by Banco Alimentar

On July 19th, NOVA IMS’ community, represented by the Library and Documentation Services, had the opportunity to participate in the “Paper for Food” Campaign, delivering an impressive total of 270 kg of paper to Banco Alimentar. The value obtained by selling the paper to certified waste operators is converted into essential food products to distribute locally.

This initiative has a double objective: besides combating paper waste, NOVA IMS collaborated with Banco Alimentar to help those who need it most.

New PhD Hall inaugurated at NOVA IMS image

New PhD Hall inaugurated at NOVA IMS

NOVA IMS celebrates the inauguration of the new PhD Hall, a room designed to meet the specific needs of doctoral students, providing a stimulating and sharing environment for researchers from diverse backgrounds.

The PhD Hall is part of the institution's ongoing commitment to providing an environment conducive to excellence in research, innovation and intellectual development.

NOVA IMS' Projects

In this section we will highlight various Research Projects in which NOVA IMS is actively involved. Through the contributions of our teachers, students and researchers, we will provide insights into these projects, shedding light on their objectives and outcomes.


The +VALORCER project aims to support the creation of value in the cereal sector, from production to retail, through the development of awareness-raising activities, networking sessions between the elements of the sector, studies for the creation of interprofessional organization and dissemination actions. It is funded by the PRR - Recovery and Resilience Plan program, and intends to bring new perspectives, advanced technologies and modern methods of optimization and process management to boost cereal Producer Organizations (POs).

This project is implemented by ANPROMIS, ANPOC, NOVA University Lisbon represented by NOVA IMS, NOVA SBE and NOVA FCSH, CONSULAI and is coordinated by InnovPlantProtect. In addition, it has the participation of more than 17 POs from the cereal sector, including rice, which represent approximately 90% of the national production, benefiting more than 12,500 farmers across the country.

+VALORCER will encourage innovation, increase management efficiency and enhance the value of national cereal production, through an advanced training program, as well as the creation of a traceability mechanism, throughout the production chain, based on blockchain and Smart Contracts, capable of receiving the trust of all parties involved, namely the final consumer.

Mark our upcoming events in your calendar


  • Short Course: Introduction to Actuarial and Financial Calculation in Social Security Systems

Starting in September, this course has 7 sessions and aims to provide essential skills in actuarial and financial calculation for the analysis and management of social security systems in Portugal. Several topics will be addressed, namely related to pension systems and unemployment insurance systems.

The target audience are professionals from the public, mutual and private sectors. Registration is open until September 1st.

Don't miss this opportunity and register now here!

  • JOULE Data Journalism for Higher Education

The JOULE Project is producing its first Conference on Data Journalism: Opportunities and Challenges, on November 10th, and it will take place at NOVA IMS. The participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts about different aspects of data-related subjects. In parallel, there will be a designated area with a poster exhibition, where you can present your research.

You can submit your poster until September 30th. Check more information here.

We return with September's review image

We return with September's review