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Bachelor´s Degree 2022-2023 | New Students 2nd Phase

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Welcome to NOVA IMS!

University life is pivotal for the future graduate, with the dedication to study, the ability to research, work, and innovate, as well as the development of friendships and the spirit of solidarity among colleagues being relevant.

You can make your enrollment:

  • In person: on 30th of September and 3rd of October 2022, at NOVA IMS' Academic Services, between 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
  • Online: between 30th of September and 3rd of October, 2022.

Registration Process - Student of the National Contest

  • Registration Guide

    Follow the instructions in the Enrollment Guide 2022. It is simple and fast. You will have to enter the netP@ platform of NOVA IMS, where you will make your registration. This portal allows students to consult their academic situation in real time.

  • netP@ Acess Data

    Your netP@ platform access data is as follows:

    • User = Student Number*;
    • Password = The same with which you access the DGES application platform.

    * To find out your number click here! The student number starts with 2022 and has 8 digits - 2022XXXX.

    a) Prepare the following documents to upload to the registration platform:

    • Required: photo (passport size - head photo only);
    • Mandatory for applicants admitted as minors: if the applicant is a minor, upload this declaration, duly signed and
      completed by your parent or guardian.

    b) Check in netP@, "Consultation Area", menu "My Curricular Units", in which practical classes you are enrolled.

    Your enrollment will only be complete after the payment of the registration (35€) and school insurance (€1,40), until September 16th, 2022 (after enrollment go to the menu "financial situation" in netP@ to obtain the bank references).

  • Registrations Costs

    When you finish your netP@ registration, go to the "financial situation" menu, submenu "payments" to make the payment by MULTIBANCO Reference or MBWay. You can see here how you can do your payments through netP@.

    At registration, students must make the following payments:

    • €35 - related to the registration fee (annual);
    • €1,40 - related to the annual school insurance.

    You should contact the Academic Services department for any questions related to your enrollment through the contact form available here. You can check the opening hours of the services here.


  • When do classes start?

    Classes started on September 13th. Consult the schedule for the degree in Data Science here, degree in Information Management here and the degree in Information Systems here.

  • Are the classes presential?

    Yes, it is mandatory to have presential classes. You should go to the classroom indicated on the timetable.

  • What is the @NOVA IMS App for?

    The @NOVA IMS App (available for android and IOS) allows the quick access to the academic timetable, exams calendar and the academic financial situation of the students.

  • How will the student support services work (Academic Services, IT Services, Financial Services, Erasmus Office, and Student Support Office)?

    All NOVA IMS services will be available in person. The schedules are available here.

  • Which academic platforms does NOVA IMS use?

    To manage the academic life of students, NOVA IMS uses the following platforms:

    • netP@ - carrying out the registration and enrolment to the curricular units, consulting the curricular units' programs, viewing the curricular units' partial and final classifications, checking the student's financial situation, requesting documents from Academic Services, etc.;
    • Moodle – presents each course unit's learning materials, displays information about the classes, shares the links to the distance classes videoconferences, students' submit work for evaluation, create working groups, etc.;
    • Webmail – all NOVA IMS communications will be sent to your institutional e-mail (2022.... You should access this account regularly, or if you prefer, forward it to another e-mail account that you access more frequently.
  • How can I access the NOVA IMS wi-fi network?

    Information about access to the NOVA IMS wi-fi network is available here.

  • How can I communicate in a non-presential way with the NOVA IMS Academic Services?

    By electronic form, through the form available at, by phone through nº  +351 213828610.