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Americo Rio has been a Guest Professor in Web and Mobile Development at NOVAIMS/UNL since 2015/16, where he currently teaches two disciplines: Web Technologies and Applications, and Mobile Development. He has been a Guest Assistant at ISCTE-IUL for the last 4 years in the mobile application / web development area. He was a professor until 2016 at the European University in the areas of Web Application Development and Mobile Development, as well as Game Development, from 2009 to Jul 2016. He was also Founding Partner of Itcode. Itcode specializes in custom software development for web, mobile, desktop and social networks. Over the past 20+ years, he has developed and managed numerous projects for national and international companies in the areas of web, mobile, desktop and social networking, both in Industry, at Itcode and other companies where worked, and in Academia.
Américo Rio holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering (FCT / UNL), and a Degree in Physics Engineering pre-Bologne 5 years (FCT / UNL), as well as a postgraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Creation (INDEG / ISCTE) and a postgraduate degree in Computer Engineering ( FCT / UNL) and a specialization course in Industrial Electrolysis (IST). He also holds the degree of Computer Engineering Specialist from the European University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Information Science and Technology at ISCTE / IUL.
Interests: web, mobile or other platform application and game development, hardware and internet of things interfaces, software development processes and application quality, data science, data / text / web mining, big data, business intelligence and data warehousing.

Publicações Cientificas

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